Common words

heterogeneous homogeneous miscellaneous simultaneous compulsory mandatory ubiquitous undisputed leader employer of choice mascot cassette etiquette episode coherent optimistic realistic perfectionist entrepreneur obstacle/challenge unconsciously familiar similar punctual punctuation punctual tropical colophon introvert extrovert


Malaysia Singapore


giraffe hippo penguin rhinoceros dolphin dinosaur gorilla crocodile kangaroo koala mole octopus platypus



Electric appliances

flashlight 手电筒 fluorescent lamp 日光灯 electric calculator 计算器 tube 真空管 electric fan 电风扇 dictaphone, dictating machine 录音机 tape recorder 磁带 television 电视机 electric iron 电熨斗 electric foot warmer 暖脚器 electric shaver 电动剃须刀 electric cooker 电饭锅 electric heater 电暖气 electric vacuum cleaner 吸尘器 bulb 电灯泡 electronic oven 电烤箱 radio 收音机 microphone 麦克风 loud-speaker 扩音机 refrigerator 冰箱 air conditioning 空调 microwave oven 微波炉 dry cell 干电池 tap 电线搭接处 broiler 烘烤机 can opener 开罐头刀 compactor 捣碎器 defroster 除霜装置 dicer 切块机 dishwasher 洗碗机 dryer 干衣机 eggbeater 打蛋器 fan 风扇 air-condition 空调 消毒碗柜 Vertical Disinfection Cabinetffice Horizontal Disinfection Cabinet pasteurize cupboard Disinfectant Tank 煤气炉 Household Gas Stove 抽油烟机 Smoke Exhauster 抽气机 air exhauster 豆桨机 Soya-bean milk Grinder Soya-bean milking 搅拌机 Food Blender 榨汁机 juice extractor 净水器 Filter Purifier 饮水机 Water dispenser broiler 烘烤机 can opener 开罐头刀 compactor 捣碎器 defroster 除霜装置 dicer 切块机 dishwasher 洗碗机 dryer 干衣机 eggbeater 打蛋器 fan 风扇 freezer 冷冻箱 furnace 壁炉 humidifier 湿度调节器 iron 烫斗 juicer 榨汁机 oven 烤箱/炉 percolator 过滤器 Range hood 抽油烟机 refrigerator 冰箱 rotisserie 电转烤肉架 shaver 电动剃须刀 stove 炉子 toaster 烤面包机 vacuum cleaner 吸尘器



in addition/aditionally and similarlylikewise as well as besides furthermore also moreover and then too not only...but even besides this/thatfirst(ly)initiallysecond(ly)to begin withthennextearlier/laterafter this/thatfollowing this/thatafterwardsfirst & foremostlast but not leastas a resultas a consequenethussothereforeconsequentlyit follows thattherebyeventuallythenin that caseadmittedlyinevitably


obviouslycertainlyplainlyof courseundoubtedly if unless whetherprovided thatforso thatwhetherdepending onrefers tomeansthat isconsists ofhoweveron the other handdespitein spite ofthoughalthoughbut on the contraryotherwiseyetinstead ofratherwhereasnonethelesseven thoughcompared within contrastalternatively


for instanceone examplefor examplejust asin particularsuch asnamelyto illustratesinceseeing thatfor fear thatthaton the grounds thatinthatassobecause (of)due toowing tothe reason whyin other wordsleads tocause beforesinceasuntilmeanwhileat the momentwhenwheneveras soon as just asin conclusionin summarylastlyfinallyto sum upto concludeto recapitulatein shortin a wordin all